The History

The Circumnavigators Club is the only international organization devoted to bringing together those men and women who have gone around the world.


The Club was organized over 100 years ago by two Americans sailing across the Indian Ocean aboard the S.S. Barbarossa, they discussed their good fortune to have gone around the world. They decided there was a need for a club composed of those adventurous individuals who had actually experienced the crown jewel of travel.


On their return to New York, James H. Birch, Jr., John D. Morrison together with E. H. Patterson founded the Circumnavigators Club. They are known by Club members as “The Three Immortals”.


In 1902, global travel was arduous and expensive and few were privilege to experience it. Early members were famous, or associated with exploratory, military and diplomatic assignments. Such legendary figures as William Jennings Bryan, President William Howard Taft, John Phillip Sousa, Harry Houdini, and many others.


With the advent of air travel, the world came within reach of an increasing number of travelers. Although our Club roster continues to include a number of celebrities, most Club members today are successful professional people.

Our Members

To become a member of the Circumnavigators Club one must travel around the world, crossing every meridian of longitude in the same direction.


All of the Club’s worldwide members have a unique story to tell about how they circumnavigated the globe – by balloon, space ship, sailboat, cruise ship, motorcycle, bicycle, private and commercial planes and on foot. All of our members view travel as a way to inform themselves, to learn about social issues and to have a good bit of fun in the process.


The Club, with the International Headquarters in New York City, has fourteen Chapters around the world. Members are always welcome to attend Chapter events. The Goodwill Connection of members around the world welcomes fellow Circumnavigators as they travel.