Award Overview


What do General Douglas MacArthur, author James A. Michener, oceanographer Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Senator John Glenn, newsman Walter Cronkite, religious leader Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, astronaut Dr. Sally Ride, ocean explorer Dr. Robert Ballard and balloonists Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones have in common?


They are among an elite group of 30 men and women whom the Circumnavigators Club has honored with the coveted Order of Magellan in recognition of their contributions to world understanding.


The Order of Magellan is the highest award of the Circumnavigators Club and is presented to outstanding individuals who are dedicated to advancing peace and understanding in all parts of the world.

2017 Order of Magellan

André Borschberg

Solar Impulse Pilot


Heading the Solar Impulse project together with Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg converted the vision of a solar airplane of unlimited autonomy into reality by building up the technical team, leading the design, construction and test of two prototypes, and organizing flight missions. The result was the successful completion of the first-ever circumnavigation of the globe in a solar airplane without a drop of fuel. In 2015, during the Japan-to-Hawaii leg of the mission, he flew for the first time ever 5 days and 5 nights non-stop over the Pacific Ocean and breaking the world record for the longest solo flight in an airplane of any kind. In addition to conceiving the revolutionary aircraft and piloting it around the globe, André  has led the evolution of aviation technology into new, energy efficient solutions that will also serve and transform a number of industries.