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The Circumnavigators Club Foundation was established in 1964 as a philanthropic and educational organization to enable members of the Circumnavigators Club to provide financial support to programs that further the Club’s mission of improving international relations through friendship and understanding.


Since 1971, the Foundation has provided grants to enable outstanding college students at participating universities to undertake around-the-world travel-study projects in the summer between their junior and senior years.


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To date, over 100 students have benefited from the Foundation’s sponsorship to undertake worthwhile research projects on a wide variety of timely topics on issues of global importance.


Supporting the Foundation

The Circumnavigators Club Foundation is entirely dependent upon donations to support its grant programs, largely from members of the Circumnavigators Club and from universities which participate in the grant program.  Donations from non-members are, however, most welcome.


The Foundation’s Leadership Council is comprised of individuals who give at least $10,000.


In addition to cash donations, the Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of marketable securities and legacy bequests.  Donations are deductible for tax purposes for qualifying U.S. taxpayers.


For more information on donating to the Circumnavigators Club Foundation, please contact the Executive Director at info@circumnavigators.org.


Follow our 2017 Foundation Scholars online:


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Georgetown University
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Florida Gulf Coast University
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Northwestern University
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